Lamna Asset Based Lending Cape Town

Lamna is an  asset-based loan allows you to leverage the value of luxury items, such as jewellery, high-end watches, art works and collectible coins, to improve liquidity.

It’s the ideal lending model for start-ups and entrepreneurs in Cape Town who need a cash injection to get their enterprises up and running. It’s also a safe, reliable and convenient way of borrowing money to pay for unexpected expenses.

As your asset acts as collateral for the loan, there’s no cumbersome paperwork to submit, and the lender does not exchange information with any credit bureau or agency.

The loan turnaround time is quick, and provided your asset is in good condition, well maintained, and backed by proof of ownership, you are guaranteed the funds.


Soho On Strand Building,
128 Strand Street
Cape Town City Centre,
Cape Town 8000


Call: 086 111 2866
Fax: 086 613 6244